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To read about our story, look for our book, You Buy the Peanut Butter. I'll Get the Bread: 

The Absolutely True Adventures of Best Friends in Business (Plume).


Stay tuned for their 2nd book ...


Excerpt from book introduction

To run a small business is to have a schizophrenic existence of highs and lows – of believing in yourself one minute, doubting yourself the next.  Always having to put a smile on your face even as you face failure, madness and possible financial devastation – always having to push through it for the sake of the client and to prevent a mass exodus of the few employees you have.


It’s all about trying to survive and if you’re lucky enough - thrive, all while maintaining a sense of dignity (when you feel desperate) and grace (when you really want to freak out). To run a business is to always have someone calling your name – the client, the employee, the intern, the solicitor, the phone company, the electricity company, past due vendors, the IRS – not to mention your friends vying for any free time you have.

Everybody wants something from you yesterday

As the requestors turn to vultures and your body and spirit into the symbolic meat they are plucking from, you fight to stay conscience, to stay aware, to believe that you are here for a purpose and for a reason.


And at the point of giving up, the sun appears – the new account is signed; the bills are paid on time; the perfect employee walks through the door; the intern who actually wants to learn can do five a days a week, 9 to 5 – and life looks good – and you know exactly why you are here – you love what you do and tears, fears, or cheers – you are in it for the long haul.










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