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Best Friends and Business Partners, Two Remarkable Women Share Their Secrets to Starting and Succeeding In Your Own Business


Part inspiring business story and part tales of a friendship. You Buy the Peanut, I’ll Get the Bread shares the lessons two best friends learned in making their business dreams come true while having fun throughout the journey.  Kirsten Poe Hill and Renee E. Warren-Mebane are the co-founders of Noelle-Elaine Media, Inc. – a New York City based event production/show management firm who have worked with many notable corporate, nonprofit, and celebrity clients.  Kirsten and Renee give aspiring small business starters the real deal on what it takes to succeed and endure both professionally and personally.


With refreshing honesty and sisterly counsel, they offer an up-close look at the daily highs and lows of starting, managing, and maintaining a business amid developing and losing friendships, dating, falling in and out of love, and getting married – as well as the particular challenges women business owners face.


Despite some peanut better sandwich dinners, Kirsten and Renee made it happen, and their story will empower entrepreneurs everywhere that they can too.

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